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Why Learn Indonesian Language Online with Cinta Bahasa?

Career Teachers

Cinta Bahasa has 15 talented, trained teachers specializing in teaching Indonesian language to foreign learners and non-English speakers.

Your Own Schedule

Arrange your Bahasa Indonesia Lessons Online and set your own schedule and learn on the days and times that are right for you.

Learn Online First

Learning online is as effective as learning in person at our school. Learn online before you arrive, then meet your teacher here..

Flashcard App

Our app is designed to help you learn Indonesian vocabulary the fastest way possible, and uses the words from our textbook to help you progress quickly through your course.

750+ Online Students

Nearly 1,000 people have learned online with us since 2012, and some 6,000 students have learned to speak Indonesian language at our school.

Real Language School

Watch out for fakes. Yayasan Cinta Bahasa Indonesia is a legally-registered, tax-paying Indonesian Language School in Bali that opened in 2011.

Your Course and Fee Options

To learn more about learning online with us, add us on Skype at "cinta.bahasa" and contact us directly to arrange a time to meet on Skype.

Course Fees Special IDR / KITAS AUD USD EUR
20 hrs 10% Off  3,600,000 405 293 257
40 hrs 10% Off  6,525,000 715 505 450
60 hrs 10% Off  9,450,000 1,030 720 645

What You Will Learn:

  • The learning program will be more varied and related to your interests the higher your language skills are. if you are starting at the beginner level, you will follow our beginner and pre-intermediate level curriculum first.
  • As you advance in your language skills, through an assessment of your language strengths and your learning goals, we will develop a learning program together with you.
  • Your teacher will assess with you how you learn best, and teach you that way.
  • We try to match you with a teacher who shares your personal interests and interest in your areas of work.

  • Features:

  • 1 -to-1 Classes
  • Custom Schedule
  • Specially-Designed Textbook
  • Specially-Designed Vocabulary App
  • Introduction to Common Language
  • Features:

  • 1 -to-1 Classes
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Specially-Designed Textbook
  • Specially-Designed Vocabulary App
  • Thorough coverage of Common Language
  • Introduction to Formal Language
  • Vocabulary level @ 1,000 words
  • Features:

  • 1 -to-1 Classes
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Specially-Designed Textbook
  • Specially-Designed Vocabulary App
  • Thorough coverage of Common Language
  • li>
  • Thorough coverage of Formal Language Grammar
  • Vocabulary level @ 1,200 words
  • Your Teachers

    Highly-Trained and Experienced in Teaching Indonesian Language to Foreign Leaners. Female and Male Teachers, coming from all over Indonesia.

    cinta bahasa online
    Senior Teacher
    bahasa indonesia online
    Dewi Saraswati
    Senior Teacher
    online indonesian
    Budi Suari
    Senior Teacher

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    Since 2012, more than 500 students have learned to speak Indonesian language Online with Cinta Bahasa. Here is what they have to say.

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