Often mistaken as a tourist, Viona is undoubtedly a true local.

Originally from Jakarta, she spent most of her 20’s creating a world of her own by writing commercials. As an experienced copywriter, she has worked in top-notch ad agencies, handled a number of various local and international clients, and was once blamed as the one who causes people to hum jingles of the products they won’t buy.

She finds joy in using words as powerful communication tools as well as a form of art. Now in Ubud, she teaches the language she always loves to help people communicate effectively and make the best out of each of their lessons. Her bubbly personality accompanied by her lovely singing tunes turn the class into a place that serves as more than just a training ground but also a place to share, connect, play, and have fun at the same time. Legend has it that there’s never a dull moment with Viona.